Welcome to The Bay Horse Speaks

What do we do?

The Bay Horse Speaks offers courses and coaching for individual clients and teams using Equine Guided Leadership Development programmes. The courses are run by Emma Taylor who highly experienced HR Professional with 14+ years of business experience is a member of the European Association For Horse Assisted Education  (EAHAE) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD)

The development programmes offered by The Bay Horse Speaks combine Emma’s personal development skills and horsemanship skills to provide participants with a profound and unique experience.  The Equine Guided Leadership Development programme is designed to allow people to experience alignment of their leadership skills with their identity  Participants are always amazed what a positive difference this makes to many aspects of their lives.

Where we do it?

Based in the Midland region of England boarding on Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire.  We are mobile and can operate from a wide network of venues across the UK either acting on our own or with one of our network of partners.


” I thoroughly recommend Emma’s Equine Guided Learning Courses.
As well as being a thoroughly enjoyable day, utilising horses to bring home the key principles of leadership and team work ensures the lessons learnt will remain with you for your entire career.”
Alan Phillips -ICON Plc




“Yesterday I had the honour of taking part in an Equine Guided Experiental Day, it was the best thing I have ever done! So amazing for the body and soul and whether it is to aid your working life or like me just wanting to be more emotionally and spiritually connected.  Afraid of horses? Don’t be, Emma provides a very safe environment and her horses are amazing! Whether you take this on yourself or your company funds you, the benefits are incredible!"
Lyn Holland



"With Emma's help and guidance, the interactive work with Hermione and Rchi gave me some much needed and appreciated feedback on my own personality and leadership style enabling me to be more confident and recognise things I can work on to be more successful - thank you, all three!"

Caroline Woodward, The Symphony Group